And Now Mr. Sharif Jumps on Right Wing Bandwagon

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Mr. Sharif’s recent statement of implicating US in the PNS Mehran attack is a bit perplexing. Now PML N is supposedly the second largest political party of the nation. Not to mention, he is two time PM of this country. Who was once seen making a mad dash to New York to meet President Clinton, to plead with him regarding the Kargil fiasco and to save his Premier ship.

It is glaringly obvious that N League is playing this card, because it is politics after all. The strange thing is what have lost so much in this recent PNS Mehran attack, yet our mind set is rotten as hell. We are all so riled up. Rather than focusing on where the fault lies, we are conveniently shifting the blame. Are we this gullible, that we are being taken on this “honor and sovereignty” ride over and over again.

There is a collective denial process that we seem to love. We embrace it like nuts. Any reasonable person would agree that in case of any foreign incursion, it is the duty of armed forces to protect the country. But let’s take this a bit further, even if we dismiss that for whatever reason, we cannot deny that a Naval base or any military facility is what needs to be protected at any cost by the forces.

So it takes us back to yes it was the responsibility of the armed forces to be on high alert and to actually foil any incursion, which was against the country. Now, sit back and relax for a minute and just think. Passing sweeping judgments to deflect the attention without any credible evidence is, to say the least disingenious.

Mr. Sharif like an astute politician, is using this as a leverage to initiate his long marches. Imran Khan on the other hand is focused on drones. His “sit ins” are supposedly aimed to halt those “incursions.” Shahbaz Sahib has said “no to foreign aid” strictly for Punjab. In the end it is all rhetoric and it has no material impact. Let’s pose the same question to Mr. Sharif, if he was on the hot seat in Islamabad, what would have he done differently. He tried once and October 1999 is still fresh in our memories.

Even if you bring a child and lay these facts, in front of him or her, they will tell you the same thing. But as I said it is politics after all. Try to exploit a situation for political mileage. The right wing and their ideologically aligned partners are chest thumping for all the wrong reasons. Many of my fellow scribes have raised the same issue of foreign terrorists on our soil being the actual violation of our sovereignty. But to them it appears like some fantasy.

What ought to be done is as following :

A) All the civil and military agencies, should be sitting on one table and charting out the plan of tackling this malignant cancer of terrorism.

B) Equip themselves with modern day surveillance and use and exploit human and technical intelligence.

C) Launch a concerted, under ground effort to locate all the “golden geese.”

D) Share the information with the with a task force and do operations without any publicity. Or else it will be an exercise in futility.

The aforementioned steps may sound simplistic and amateur, but realistically speaking only such an effort can yield positive results. Otherwise it is business as usual. Headlines over headlines of terrorism and attacks and more attacks by these barbarians will continue unabated.

Lastly, the politicians, military, public and the right wing, all have to be on the same page. It is high time that we come to this agreement that it is not for any foreign masters, but for our own survival. Those who think that as soon as Yanks will evacuate the Afghan region, this madness of terrorism will come to an end, should really think logically. The attacks are against Pakistan and its people. Yanks or no yanks these attacks will go on as terrorism is an ideological war. Until or unless the ideology is defeated, we will be in the same predicament. No matter what.

Some parting advice to Mr. Sharif, he should at least behave like a mature former Premier. Lately he has started to sound like a typical right winger. We all know that there may be another IJI in the making. That’s all well and good. As the saying in Urdu goes, “Andhon main kaana Raja.” Based on his past experience, one is expecting a bit better from him.

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