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An overweight “Daughter of money and power” throws her weight on the poor & deprived.

By Uza Syed • Oct 18th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 16 Comments

We have seen, on TV screens and social media, what this fat assed daughter of the so called ‘Khadim’ can do and did to an ordinary citizen of Pakistan in the broad day light without any care or fear of being in the public eyes. This is highhandedness by those drunk with their sense of power and perception of their importance and the insignificance of the poor, the ordinary citizens of our country. It’s lawlessness at its worst, this is criminal assault and a case of ‘trespass’. This whole affair right from the word ‘go’ to what we are being exposed to, in the name of doing justice and legal action, is an insult and assault to our intelligence and our being ordinary, poor citizens.

Since when Rabia Imrans of the land, simply because their fathers sit in powerful places, have high jacked the whole system of our government? Since when Imrans of the land derive power to brutalize the poor simply because they provide satisfying ’nightly wild services’ to such fat assed Rabias needs in their hours of ‘physical hunger’. If we keep silent and let these criminals like Rabia Imran D/o Shabaz Sharif (or not so sharif) and her spouse Imran and the fraudster ‘Khadim’ (not so Aala!) get away with directing us to believe this fake inquiry and FIR then we deserve what they do to us and how they it. We must demand and force FIRs against this whole gang of criminals who dare attack us to satisfy their sick egos. This demands a mutiny, a refusal to tolerate rule of the few rich over the vast majourity of the poor and the deprived. Come on people say NO the rule of this ‘plutocracy’ in Pakistan.

CM pressurizes media not to air the program ,here is the exclusive CCTV footage.

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  1. Very nice attempt . Totally biased writing MS Uza. It seems that you are just against Shareef Brothers and you luckily got a chance to write against them. Opportunistic approach but why dont you tell about the orders of Shahbaz Shareef which tells that he is not using any authorities to protect her or his son in law.

    The matter is now in court. I guess it will be hurting you alot as it ruined your fuss creation.

  2. a decent return volley hit by the bald bold CM by ordering of interrogating his son in law,, lets c what result we get in the end

  3. Well,this is what this nation is fated to fall to. In fact,this was a slap of pakistani democracy on the face of a common man We .Should have heard this bang long ago causing ripples across our skinny cheeks.But it is never too late.But Uza what has the fat-ass of a women to do with the public display of her wrist power?Perhaps,lopsided physiology?You look quite poor at IQ.

  4. Uza, how do you know that she is fat assed?

  5. Its nothing but intoxication of money and power. Episodes like these a daily occurrence in Pakistan by the hands of offsprings of politicians, bureaucrats, judges, anchorpersons, and above all army officers.

  6. bhootni wali nay scarf aisay bhanda hoa hai jaisay hajj ker k a rahi hai.

  7. Rabia should be given to that bakery boy for 1 week.

  8. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the Police to include his son in law Imran Ali in investigation of the case in which an employee of a bakery was manhandled. In instructions given to IG Police, CM has stated that rule of law has been his top most priority and as Chief Minister he considers himself answerable to Allah (SWT) and the people of Punjab. It is my firm belief that nobody is above the law and I have issued instructions that this case be dealt totally on merit and justice be done, the CM has stated.

  9. yes @ 7 very true: Rabia should be given to that bakery boy for 1 week.

  10. @ Ashar Ali: She, the Rabia Ali Imran, is the root cause and chief alleged criminal here. She forced her way into the bakery, she insisted on having a cake from a cleaner, she inspected the bakery kitchen forcibly, she pointed her fingers at the cleaner, she threatened him , and then she instigated her husband’s guards to go and teach a lesson to the lesser guy and they obeyed the order.

    Shahbaz Sharif has got a severe blow here and is standing in line with Waheeda Shah until and unless he takes action against his own daughter.

  11. As everyone at TPS knows that I am great admirer of Shahbaz Sharif, but in this case I am disappointed that he didn’t meet expectations. He should have set an example by bringing his own daughter to justice.

    Same is the case with CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry who is doing cosmetic actions just to protect his son.

  12. Aulad aik fitna hai

  13. @11: Come on Rohail, your reference to the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s action as “cosmetic actions” is an insult to the very concept of justice or the CJ’s role as head of our Supreme Court. What this man is shamelessly doing is called “Obstruction of Justice” and “Cover up” and “Abuse of power” in addition to being an “Accomplice” in a crime. Who do you think “protects” criminals ? the bigger criminals who plan and orchestrate and benefit from crime. People like us, you & me, should not only condemn such criminals but actively demand public lynching of them all, one and all, without any exception.

    What about the acts of that other ‘puppy’ Hamza Shahbaz and the role of the ‘dog’ who sired him by servicing the bitch who brought such a stinking litter to spoil lives here for our people. Come on Rohail, it pains to see people like you still claiming to be “great admirer” of such characterless criminals who pretend to be serving us.

  14. So what is your point, Bint-e-Hawwa? The word fitna in Quran Shareef means ‘trial.’ It does not mean bad. Maybe your children are fitna.

  15. The point is our social media needs to grow up already. Enough of this nonsense, give credit when it’s due and rip apart people when they deserve it. Also learn to appreciate when people pay heed to Social Media and take action because logically speaking if the Social Media is essentially going to continue being a pointless bitching forum than people are going to stop really caring what the Social Media is saying. In essence ‘Agar Aglay Izat De Rahay Hain… To Laini Bhi Seekh Lo’.

    Fact is the elections are 6 months away and in that period a lot of things are going to happen online. By now we should be mature enough to see things as they are react accordingly instead of perpetually acting like as if we are all involved in a shouting match. So yes the Bakery Incident was unfortunate to say the least, but appreciate that a CM actually did his job and put his own family on stand. Also do try to remember what any of the other 3 CMs have done in the last 5 years, just for comparison sake.

  16. Bint-e-Hawwa, you are also an aulad. That means you are also a fitna.

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