amir liaquat exposed vidoes pictures true story 2011

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I was really shocked when I watch the program of Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas in which they told the stories from twitter, facebook and youtube about the religious entertainer Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain of ARY TV.

If you see the Ramzan Rahman program of Dr. Aamir, you would think that he is the most pious, kind and noble man of Pakistan, and you would really become a fan of him and would like to support him everywhere. On his one call you would give charity and help and do whatever he says.

But then he was exposed and the whole nation is shocked and angry. The way in videos off camera the Dr. Amir was using the abusive language and was telling stories of movies and singing songs between the religious programs was plain shameful and condemnable.

Dr. Amir should apologize from the whole nation.

Rafia Begum from Karachi

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