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amir liaquat exposed vidoes pictures true story 2011

By Guest Blogger • Aug 21st, 2011 • Category: Misc • 4 Comments

I was really shocked when I watch the program of Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas in which they told the stories from twitter, facebook and youtube about the religious entertainer Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain of ARY TV.

If you see the Ramzan Rahman program of Dr. Aamir, you would think that he is the most pious, kind and noble man of Pakistan, and you would really become a fan of him and would like to support him everywhere. On his one call you would give charity and help and do whatever he says.

But then he was exposed and the whole nation is shocked and angry. The way in videos off camera the Dr. Amir was using the abusive language and was telling stories of movies and singing songs between the religious programs was plain shameful and condemnable.

Dr. Amir should apologize from the whole nation.

Rafia Begum from Karachi

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  1. Why are you asking for apology from Aamir Liaquat Hussain.
    If he seeks apology, it mean he is guilty and then there will be no place for him in media & public.

    Therefore only Geo administration should be asked to verify the genuineness of the recording as they have the official record with them.

  2. thansk ALLAH, i never believed this actor amir liaqat from day one. i have my 6th sense from day one suspecting him an actor and an evil inside.
    at last my words proved true. ya ALLAH let my nation have the wisdom and enough sense to judge such juggulars and actors in every field of life including politics and religion.

  3. The fault is ours. Unfortunately, we soon start idolising and worshiping humans and frequently elevate them to the status of heavenly creatures. Always remember that Aamir Liaquat or any other person is as good or bad as we are. If I speak good, it does not mean that I am good as well. So, please don’t go after what I do, just listen to what I speak and try to adopt it if it sounds good.

    ‘Dr. Amir should apologize from the whole nation.’ Ms Rfia Begum! do you think an apology would make Amir Liaquat an angel or more effective an orator?

    Therefore, hell with character of Amir Liaquat or authenticity of the censured videos! Just listen to him if it appeals. Trust yourself instead of trusting others and getting the disillusion one day.

    Good luck!

  4. Moreover - He/Aamir Liaquat Hussain — is HARDCORE - Lover of - Altaf Bhai & Co. ——– You may all IMAGINE —— what will be the LEVEL of his — IQ — ! - ?

    Kiya - Nahi - Koi - Janta- Matlab—- Subhat-e-Maa - Tukhm-e-Taseer-
    Yani - Apnay - Piyaray — Altaf Bhai —- Ki —- Mohabbat — Ka— Asseer-
    Aurat - Baiqauf - Bun - Jati - Issko - Soon Ker - Mard Nahi - Lakir - Ka- Faqir-

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