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America Uniting with Taliban to Punish Pakistan

By Brig. (r) Junaid Zaman • Dec 20th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 15 Comments

The injured and angry snake is the most dangerous specie on this planet. The lethal, deadly, frustrated, defeated and checkmated United States in Afghanistan is blaming Pakistan for it’s miserable retreat and cornered situation. Even after the Bin Laden’s death, America is nowhere near any tangible success. It fails to accept the Afghan attack blunder and wants to punish Pakistan in order to save the face.

American CIA and Pentagon backed by the dwindling Obama administration wants to have a go at the Pakistan covertly. Who better to back than Taliban to damage Pakistan from within? All this smokescreen about Raymond Davis, Mehran Base, memogate is just there to knife Pakistan to a slow death. How come Taliban have such a training, weapons, supply line, resources to engage with Pakistan military in Karachi, Peshawar, FATA, and elsewhere. One proof was the attack on Mehran base.

After 10 months of secret dialogue with Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents, senior US officials have said the talks have reached a critical juncture and they will soon know whether a breakthrough is possible, leading to peace talks whose ultimate goal is to end the Afghan war. As part of the accelerating, high-stakes diplomacy, the United States is considering the transfer of an unspecified number of Taliban prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay military prison into Afghan government custody, media reports say.

Moreover, U.S. officials have met with Tayeb Agha, who was a secretary to Mullah Omar, and they have held one meeting arranged by Pakistan with Ibrahim Haqqani, a brother of the Haqqani network’s founder. U.S. officials have held about half a dozen meetings with their insurgent contacts, mostly in Germany and Doha with representatives of Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban’s Quetta Shura.

Soon you will be seeing much of the progress in that regard and you would see more crisis in Pakistan out of nowhere.

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  1. The QUESTION is Why — Zardari & Co. along-with Rtd. Gen. Talat Masood — Type Ex. Officers - have been GRANTING in constant manner — so much IMPORTANCE — to this injured & angry snake just because of undue-able IMPORTANCE this US & NATO have become the most dangerous specie on this planet — because of their full of STUPIDITY — Analysis Just Repeat & over Repeat they have been trying to make this BRAVE NATION — IMPOTENT — Adnan Mansoori’s & Islamic Militants’ LINE — i.e. — the US & NATO Forces NO More — the lethal but deadly, frustrated, defeated & checkmated in Afghanistan & at the beloved Pakistan.

    *A/P= Afghanistan/Pakistan

    Afghan – Jung – Aham – Moor – Per – Aa-Gaee- Hay-
    Hamari – Phhat – Kay – Hath – Mein – Aa-Gaee – Hay-
    *A/P - Nay- Hamari – Maan / Behan- Eik- Kur- Dee -Hay-

  2. This is exactly what Pakistan Army has been doing to India. Now they should get the same treatment.

  3. @ Moz

    What a dumb, predictable Gandhi. You don’t fool anyone with that moniker ‘moz’…moz for Musulman right? Why don’t you call yourself ‘Mleech’

    It is your disgusting country that has meddled and sponsored terrorism in all the countries that are near it, from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh, from Bhutan to Nepal and from Pakistan to China. It is your country of idolatry and Kumbh Mela visiting, Ganja-smoking, butt-ugly, naked Sadhus that doesn’t have good, peaceful nations with any of the countries in its vicinity.

    It is your RAW that has been sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan for the last 64 years from the Mukhti Bahini in former E. Pakistan, to the ’sectarian’ and ‘ethnic’ unrest and carnage in Karachi, all over Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and Azad Kashmir, and since 9/11, also in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and FATA.

    There was also a ‘Hammer Group’ that terrorised people and homes all over Punjab in the 1980s and they were eventually found to be Indian terrorists.

    The attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team 2 or 3 years ago, was also proved to be the diabolical work of India and its terrorist intelliegence agency RAW.

    Likewise, the troika of RAW, Mossad and the CIA carried out the false flag of Mumbai and blamed it on Pakistan.

    They even kidnapped that little Indian guy they call “Ajmal Kassab” from Nepal…this guy is said to be Pakistani but he speak “Urdu” like a little Indian from the slums of Bombay together with coarse, vulgar Indian accent (y’know when Indians can’t say ’sabzee’ (vegetables), so they say sabjee LOL!)

  4. Nice article Major Junaid.

    Totally with you on the dying and hissing snake of Uncle Shlomo that is lashing out at an easy target, instead of itself and applying a dose of introspection.

    Yes, Pakistan should expect more false flags carried out by Uncle Shlomo, Uncle Gandhi and Uncle Yitzhak within and without it, and then blamed upon it and “Mooslime extremists”. The alternative press keep talking about 2012 as a crucial year in yet more false flags. Perhaps they know something we all don’t

    That is why you will get more programmes on the BBC, Faux News, CNN, MSNBC and the global Zionist and Hindutva Hindu media smearing and maligning Pakistan… blaming it for the fact that the Occident is in decline…for the Occupy Wall Street protests’…for Mitt Romney’s big chin… for Psychozy’s big nose… for George Osbourne ghostly complexion…for Julia Gillard’s big hooter… for some unknown man and woman who divorced in Wisconsin… for a sick bird that fell dead out of the sky in India …for the Arab-Israeli conflict…for the Indian-brewers of moonshine who killed their fellow-citizens with alcohol full of car anti-freeze…for the worm that got crushed under somebody’s foot in a rain-drenched part of Europe…yes Pakistan will be responsible for that, and more…

    Yes, all and sundry hate and loathe Pakistan since it became a nuclear state in 1998 (India and Israel have always hated it since birth)…so it must be blamed and implicated in everything under the sun…. so that those weapons in the hands of the only Muslim state, can be taken away.

    Contrast this with the ‘nuclear club’s’ loving treatment and whole-hearted acceptance of Israeli, Indian and even North Korean nuclear weapons. The hypo_crisy is dazzling.

  5. Hmm, quite a new perspective Brig sb. Nice to meet you the other day in the Islamabad club. Many Pushtun Afghan tribes are certainly warming up to the idea of helping/milking US even at the expense of ignoring/harming Pakistan. But as you know this is so complex and nothing is in black and white. All is so gray.

  6. Sir,
    You say your ISI arranged the meeting with Ibrahim Haqqani. You have been steadfastedly refusing the existence of “quetta Shurra”. Now you admit its leader meeting in Doha.Those Taliban prisoners in Gitmo were sent there by General Musharaff. You admit the sophisticated attack on PNS Mehran could not be carried out by ordinary jihadies. We also say that Mubai attack on 26/11 could not be carried out from Karachi without sophisticated support.
    See your nation’s history from its inception being a toad of USA from SEATO/CENTO days , killing Palestenians in Jordan by Brig Zia and killing of your own country men in East pakistan. Who carried out Lal masjid attack/ Bugti killing/Rabbani killing etc.
    Now also your Army Chief is ready to believe CIA agent mansoor Ijaz but not your Presidnet about the existence of Memo which is not signed and delivered by Mansoor because he has black berry track of haqqani conversation. Now Fai is spilling beans in US court and one can see how he was having cosy relationship after killing of Indira Gandhi with leaders who came after Indira.
    TTP leader baitullah Mehsud was killed by American drone while Musharaff will not kill him himself?

  7. @ Brig. (r) Junaid Zaman •
    As I mentioning since long, the hype on ISI is number one and caused collapse of USSR is absurd. ISI is nothing if it doesn’t get money & backing from America. ISI penetrated deep in India because politicians their allowed it knowingly. But now ISI exposure in India making Pakistani strategy weaker in world forum.

    @5 Maria Sultan
    Pushtun tribes warming up with US cos they wokeup and realized they getting nothing (except deaths) by standing-up for Punjabi-ISI. Obvious, FATA/Balochis drifting towards the strongest.

  8. Is america ki to maa ch**do tange uthake.

  9. Brig Junaid Sahib,

    America is certainly colluding with Afghani Taliban not only to arrange a safe exit from Afghanistan but also to undermine the Pakistani stand and its say in regard to Future set up of government in Afghanistan.

    US very well knows that Pashtun they carry the grudge of an elephant and is foreseeing a blood bath right at the time of exist…like it was seen at British Time, which US want to avoid at any cost.

    But one thing I think you mixed up. You could not differentiate between Afghani Taliban fighting a legitimate war of the their independence against the occupying US-NATO forces… and TTP which bear a fake name of Taliban and carries out various CIA directed covert operations like at Mehran base, GHQ attack, on various military Installations and all other suicidal actions on the soft civilian targets.

  10. Some boarders here need to be taught civillization. They lack culture or are perhaps deprived of it.
    They loathe about India and the US and fail to see how Pakistan is slowly vanishing out of this world. Carry on, your bad cult will be remembered by many future generations.

  11. TBP - Dear - As you KNOW this BUNCH of Pakistan Based - American Boot Polishers — Bad Luck situated at beloved Pakistan — since 2003 they have been PROVIDING Assurance with Guarantee — “TALIBAN/AL-Qaida is a NO Big Issue for American/NATO Countries — No - PROBLEM at all.”

    As they do not KNOW — Sheikh-ul-Hadith - what the same has already been INCORPORATED in the Certified Ahadieth - Books — rather they always remained ready to MAKE fun of the same.

    But as per Quranic Commitment — the Best Planner is always remained - Almighty Allah Jj — right now - these so called Analysts are BEING TARGETED as per - mine pre-set - Prime Target - who are well recognized —”PROMOTERS in beloved PAKISTAN”— of WoT.

    How Can I leave this MAN - namely — Rtd. Gen. Talat Masood — who passed comments on “MOON Mkt. Bomb Blast of Lhr. — Abused Passed to Taliban & rest of other Islamic Militants - then Directly Visited to Indian Embassy - & - attended over-there - “Sham-e-Ghazal” - in other words - he shared his sorrows in this Joyful Manner - like - Shaukat Aziz - who had visited with his family for sight seeing thereafter Jinnah Super for QULFI — Exactly — when Lal Masjid was Continued & Army Operation was in full swing.

    *A/N = America/NATO

    Abhi – Tu- *A/N - Kay- Khilaf – Shikwa-o-Shikayat - Hoti–Hay-
    Her –NATO- Hamlay – Kay- Baad- Kahani- Janam- Lay-Tee-Hay-
    Phir - Fauji –Dil-o-Dimagh- Mein – RANJISH - Paida – Hoti – Hay-
    Bhaut – Mumkin – Hay- Kal–Isska – Naam – DUSHMANI – Ho-Jaiy-

    Watch – right after 4:51

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