: Tips for Girls

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Hey! Do you want to be a star student? A sports champion? A fashion diva? Always is here to help you become the queen of it all! Always is going to be your new best friend. You are entering a new stage in life, and becoming increasingly concerned with your looks and personality. We will be your guide to growing up, looking fresh, feeling confident, understanding yourself and preparing for school.

Dr. Ayesha is one of our expert consultants on menstrual periods and puberty, and she´s here to answer all of your questions about those subjects. She´s a woman (just like you) and she is a qualified SOGP (Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Pakistan) doctor. Dr. Ayesha knows what you´re going through.

So what´s on your mind? You can ask her just about anything about the three Ps: periods, puberty and PMS. Chances are lots of other girls have the exact same question, and Dr. Ayesha´s answers can help everyone. So don´t be afraid – just Ask Dr. Ayesha!

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