Altaf Postpones Drone Attack; Real Reason Leaked

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I am sure that most of you don’t take the chief terrorist of Karachi, the British National. Altaf Hussain, but for the heck of it, let’s follow this man’s theatrics. He had given 72 hours of deadline before the launch of Drone attack, and media went berserk.

Now just imagine, what don of Karachi from London says. He says that there would be some delay in drone attack as there are few components lacking. Hilarious!!! I feel pity for the people who seriously follow this person. I mean, how on earth could you take such person asĀ  leader. No wonder we are in such a mess in Karachi.

Actually this is a mean and cheap politics. Altaf is blackmailing PPP hard, and this is part of it. As PPP sags once again, Altaf is delaying his tactic. Once you are blackmailed, you always will be. PPP has been getting skrewed for five years, and that goes on.

For what PPP has given to the people in last five year, they perfectly deserves Altaf Hussain.

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