Altaf Hussain’s English Drone After Qadri’s Canadian Drone

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Fascism in Pakistan is synonymous to the MQM and its workings. Though their ghunda-gardi is confined to Karachi and Hyderabad, they have been trying to stretch it to other parts of the country, and fortunately they have miserably failed so far.

MQM’s terrorism is given and so let’s not waste more breath on that. Altaf Hussain’s unbalanced mental condition is deteriorating day by day. Sometimes I feel that he himself wants to destroy MQM, so that it vanishes with him as he cannot even imagine someone else controlling this rogue outfit. But anyway, he never ceases to be out-sized and over-blown character.

This time he is going to fire a drone from London to Pakistan. Just like another foreigner landed on land of pure with Canadian weapons, this man is promising British armory. Altaf is just twisting the arms of PPP more and using every trick in book to blackmail the PPP. PPP will succumb to his blackmailing and there would be nothing.

Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Shrif at last understood the thuggery of MQM, and pledged to not to include them in charter of democracy. Zardari ignored that and joined hands with MQM, and for the last five years, MQM is literally chocking him with both hands and milking PPP in every sense. Not only MQM is enjoying rule and power for last five years, they are also posing as victims too.

Don’t be surprised if Altaf quits the government once again. We have seen that before.

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