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Altaf Hussain Has Become a Burden for MQM

By Maria • May 20th, 2013 • Category: Features • 18 Comments

Had Altaf Hussain not given the anti-Pakistan statement of separating Karachi from the country, it would have been lot easier for the local MQM leadership to portray themselves as victim in NA-250 election war. That statement from the London-based MQM chief has created anger wave against the whole MQM throughout Pakistan, and  now MQM is being embarrassed practically in London.

It seems Altaf Hussain still hasn’t realized the damage done by his statement. He did the melodrama of weeping again after press conference of MQM coordination committee and amidst loud crying told the crowd that he wasn’t defended by the coordination committee and crowed roughed up the Farooq Sattar and other members. These were same poor coordination committee members who were trying their best to defend that anti-Pakistan statement by the Altaf on the TV talk shows. Altaf after seeing the backlash let his anger go at his own men.

Make no mistake. MQM is still the largest party in Karachi and wields immense power. While sitting in Islamabad or Punjab, you cannot sense how much popular MQM is in the millions of Urdu speaking people of Karachi. These are the people who are weak and naturally meek and they see MQM as their defenders against the ever increasing onslaught of Sindhis and especially Pushtoons. Yes very ethnic, but these are ground realities in Karachi. Now PTI has also jumped into the foray to ask for a considerable piece of cake, which has angered the MQM chief a lot.

Also this is the not the first time that MQM chief has issued anti Pakistan statement. He has done that myriad number of times. He would still prefer to be part of India rather than of Pakistan and he expressed that during a speech in India. Local MQM leadership knows that their leader lives in past. They know that after living for decades in London, their disturbed leader still wrongly thinks that old tactics would work in Karachi.

Pakistan has a very powerful media, which is very angry with MQM over the years due to the killings of reporters like Wali Khan Babar and firing at TV stations by the MQM. Military has grown wary of MQM a lot and they have lost the love which Musharraf harbored with them. For establishment and its agencies, MQM has gone way too far and has itself becoming a threat. Social media which is mainly dominated almost completely¬† by the elite class is heavily on side of PTI, which is a thorn in MQM’s leg right now.

Altaf Hussain doesn’t recognize that and there is no more any Rehman Malik to give him lollipop. Ishrat ul Ebad has gone out of control of Altaf Hussain and so are many new comers. This group is in cahoots with the establishment for many months to convince Altaf Hussain to ‘retire’, but who lets go of such power? The last resort is to use that arrested guy in Karachi in connection with the Imran Farooq murder and handover Altaf Hussain to Scotland Yard. Our establishment is also not much happy over British influence on Karachi politics through the London command and control of MQM.

The change in MQM’s leadership is imminent and we might find Ishrat ul Ebad leading the party from Karachi, severing the connection from London very soon.

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  1. Altaf hussain is all time burden for his team and Karachi people but at that time they have stamina to bear this heavy wieght on their shoulders but now after eating over doses of human flesh and blood now Karachi people and MQM workers are no more in mood of bearing his load on their fragile stature.

  2. [...] anything. The problem of MQM lies at the top. I agree with Maria Sultan when she says that the Altaf Hussain has become the burden for his own [...]

  3. As far as MQM & Altaf Husain & WE the Karachi walas are concerned, Maria Sultan is a lost ‘babe’ in the wood and it is good so, she has no clue what she is talking about. Altaf Husain & MQM & People of Karachi are one and the same thing and it would take people like this ‘blondy brain’ a long long time till they learn to remove the venom from their poison saturated minds and see us without their hatred. Every cow, and its calf, make it their business to comment and pretend being an expert on our politics and it’s time that all such ‘lalloo’ & “lolly’ come out of their lala land and refrain from commenting on issues they have no clue about.

  4. When ‘white harami children’ from some provincial towns call someone a “kalia” then I feel compelled to ask the source of their ‘whiteness’ and truly emptiness of their heads and, yes, their ‘pure-polluted-blood’. Rememeber the ‘open corridors’ they provided to anyone who just wished to ‘penetrate’ their enthusiastic open ‘entrance’ to the sub-continent. One wonders if a few moneyed exploiters of people really believe that a minor upset in a few polling stations of a large constituency in Karachi has made them our representatives, if so they are up for some surprises, such Alvis we saw in the past, too. Ask Gauhar Ayub just as ‘white’ as that crippled TalibanKan. There would be times and they would see the facts as they are, remember facts just do not go away simply because mummy says so. As far as exposer of MQM is concerned what is new here, don’t we all know what plane loads of those petty ’sahafis’ were told in the ‘disciplined environs of Malir Cantt? Don’t we all know what kind of poison those poisnous little snakles spewed around that famous little Punjabi minds?

  5. True, Altaf Husain is a “kalia” and so are most of us here in Karachi and quiet happy with it, at least we know who we really are and where we come from. Does anyone need to speculate the source of their whiteness who are product of the ‘kanjar khanas’ where every girl was made a woman by letting enter anyone who wished to peneterate the subcontinent?

  6. @8: Go and ask the ‘pehlwanjee’ to fix all those folks who remind you of origin of all the harami goras of Punjab. By the way, how are your dear ‘Uncles’ driver, maali and cook to doing to your mom the pretend lady ‘kutya’ (keeping the kutya a bit cool?) ? Are they taking care of the hot little slits of your sis as well?

  7. @11: Fine, you proved the point!
    I give up, you win I just can not keep up with your propensity to demonstrate your natural endowments, more power to your profanities and your vulgarities!

  8. Uza, you did not fall down to his level…well and good…but i will have to




  11. I think after Altaf Hussain MQM will not go anywhere( thinking about its departure from the political scene is only a wishfull thinking) but AH’s departure wll have far reaching consequences on Karachi as well as Pakistani politics. Plz think after MQM who will fill this gap? Any Sindhi leader or Pashtoon or any Mullah! In urdu speaking dominated areas this is impossible. I think MQM WILL REPLACE MQM. Those who wish to see MQM totally evaporated in the air live in fools paradise. Any attempt to take benifit from the crises mqm facing today would be very dangerous for the country. This fire may also burn the whole of the country. After MQM the urban areas of Sindh would be ungovernable, so people who think and are very happy that soon they will see MQM’s departure from the scene are making a big mistake. The result of such happenning may also break Pakistan, which is already in tatters from FATA to Balochistan. PLZ try to understand the potential of a disciplined organization like MQM. Its not a party merely on papers.

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