Alive Burial of 5 Balochi Women : Ego or Tradition?

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Senator Israrullah Zehri and the senator Jan Mohammad Jamali first said with arrogance that the English newspaper columnists of Islamabad cannot understand the Baloch traditions and principles. They both were adamant to defend the gruesome sin committed in their areas and they were of the opinion that those traditions are carrying on for the thousands of centuries and it was very imprudent for the people in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore to raise voice against such incident.

Who knows how many women are buried alive daily in Balochistan? Somehow nature leaked this incident, otherwise who would have known about this tragedy? The traditions like Wani, Karokari and host others are the forms of same tradition and the killings in the name of “Ghairat” have really taken a sharp rise in the recent years. Whenever I look at the dead bodies of those women in TV or newspapers who became victims of wani or karokari or such dignity-killing, I always noticed that such women look impoverished and very old, and one wonders as how could such pitiful creatures could dare to challenge the “Ghairat” of the tribes.

No tradition is barbaric and no tradition allows the killing of fellow human being. Such horrendous crimes occur because of the ego and lordliness of the tribal leaders and lords. What these women wanted after all? They wanted to marry with their own will, thats it. The mental powers of such tribal leaders start and finish over the women. They spend their whole days in their baithaks to decide which women has committed which crime and how could they make the life more miserable for their sisters, mothers, wives and daughters.

These people are even worst than the Kafirs of Ignorant-Era before Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The brother of that minister of PPP who has committed this crime has reported to have done such things routinely in the past. He has also challenged the writ of the government. Will Rehman Malik act?

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