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Adnan Sami - Beghairat or Dheet or Mujboor?

By Sharafat • Oct 17th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 6 Comments

The fat and failed singer Adnan Sami Khan is not only eating 100 onions, he is also receiving 100 shoe spanks but is pleading from Indians to not to throw him out of their country. He is on his all four limbs crawling, weeping, sobbing, imploring and craving to remain in India. I wonder where is man’s dignity?

Though Adnan Sami was born in UK and uses his British nationality and don’t even use the Pakistani passport, Indians consider him a Pakistani and they are enjoying his public humiliation. They are taking special pleasure in kicking him out and watching him crawling back. Even the minions of Indian extremest parties are having a fun day. They ordered Adnan to come over to their office to threaten him to leave India. Adnan obliged and went there and pleaded with them as those extremists were the immigration officers.

All the Indian newspapers are reporting him as the Pakistani singer. And then are displaying his pictures beseeching the police to let him stay there. They are basically targeting Pakistan, but the fat-head singer is not understanding and causing humiliation to himself and the country from where his father hail from unfortunately.

He is far much worse than the Veena Malik and other such lowlifes who go running to India for the similar humiliation.

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