No Aman Ki Asha

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It’s not much long ago that India and United States signed many huge defense and nuclear pacts and caused migraine to Pakistan and China. Then United States was pushing India hard against China and was even ignoring Pakistan, its ally in the war against terror.

The then American president Bush said that India and America were the partners of 21st century and these two countries can change the world forever, and America was ready to make India the world’s super power, and then massive American aid flew to India. This was time when India got some wrong dreams and started insurgency in FATA, Swat and Balochistan.

India wanted upper hand in this region and that is why she started sending its troops, technical people and spies to Afghanistan and they made seven consulates along with border of Pakistan and tried to control the trade and affairs in Kabul. The only obstacle in India’s way was pro-Pakistan Taliban, to which America labeled as Haqqani Network.

One thing President Musharraf, the former dictator did, was to help Afghanistan become the member of SAARC  and that was how India found a companion in SAARC, and that has hurt Pakistan since that time. Now this MFN status, Afghan Transit Trade and so-called peace initiative by this government is just a naivety, or perhaps they are too weak to say No to American’s whims.

India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan and Kashmir and in FATA. India is involved in unrest in Karachi and she is stopping the waters of Pakistan and increasing its defense expenditures just to contain the Pakistani nation.

We must not get deceived by the Indian designs and its tactics. Time to time India tries to extend friendship hand towards Pakistan just for show off and that is to pose that it is very friendly and peace loving. If she is so peace loving then why don’t she hold an independent plebiscite in Kashmir?

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