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No Aman Ki Asha

By Sher Ali • Dec 2nd, 2011 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 20 Comments

It’s not much long ago that India and United States signed many huge defense and nuclear pacts and caused migraine to Pakistan and China. Then United States was pushing India hard against China and was even ignoring Pakistan, its ally in the war against terror.

The then American president Bush said that India and America were the partners of 21st century and these two countries can change the world forever, and America was ready to make India the world’s super power, and then massive American aid flew to India. This was time when India got some wrong dreams and started insurgency in FATA, Swat and Balochistan.

India wanted upper hand in this region and that is why she started sending its troops, technical people and spies to Afghanistan and they made seven consulates along with border of Pakistan and tried to control the trade and affairs in Kabul. The only obstacle in India’s way was pro-Pakistan Taliban, to which America labeled as Haqqani Network.

One thing President Musharraf, the former dictator did, was to help Afghanistan become the member of SAARC  and that was how India found a companion in SAARC, and that has hurt Pakistan since that time. Now this MFN status, Afghan Transit Trade and so-called peace initiative by this government is just a naivety, or perhaps they are too weak to say No to American’s whims.

India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan and Kashmir and in FATA. India is involved in unrest in Karachi and she is stopping the waters of Pakistan and increasing its defense expenditures just to contain the Pakistani nation.

We must not get deceived by the Indian designs and its tactics. Time to time India tries to extend friendship hand towards Pakistan just for show off and that is to pose that it is very friendly and peace loving. If she is so peace loving then why don’t she hold an independent plebiscite in Kashmir?

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  1. Excellent Write-Up & excellent suggestions. I think INDIA is a snake in the grass, but agree with much of what I suggest along-with author suggests the CHINA do to mitigate the fall-out from this incident.Come on, China & Iran. Join Hand in Hand and acknowledge the reality and have the gumption to call a spade a spade.

    *AM:- Adnan Mansoori

    *AH:- = Anna Hazaray – Popular Social Activist who raised the VOICE against Corruption of INDIAN Politicians.

    *Gunday-Anday = Dirty & Rotten Eggs in form of Asma Jehangir, Marvi Sarmad, Farzana Bari, Madiha Gohar, Imtiaz Alam along-with many others who are BLIND & always ready to FOLLOW the footsteps of —“Aman –Ki- Asha”— it is by Mean in other words = Bakwas Bhasha = Senseless Language.”

    *Gunday-Anday – Tornay – Ko- Taiyar – Hoon- = First of all – if I had been an AUTHORITY – all these Rotten Eggs of Pakistan shall go to the Competent Court – thereafter Heinous Crime Case to be Proceeded against thereafter – Shoot to KILL at Firing Squad. Thus in Legal Perimeter all these Rotten Eggs shall be finished – next time NO One will ask for — FRIENDSHIP with INDIA till IOK is resolved.

    *AH:- Pakistan – Say – Phir – JUNG – Kurnay – Ko- Tayiar – Hoon-
    *AM:- Pakistan – Kay-*Gunday-Anday – Tornay – Ko- Taiyar – Hoon-

  2. @ Sher Ali •
    You have to grow up. All anti-India points you writing is absurd, except Punjabis no takers in the world.

    “……India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan….”
    - FC accused of ethnic cleansing in Balochistan. FC Major General Obaidullah Khan should be tried in International courts for his role in ethnic cleansing.
    People not forgotten brutal killing of Bugti by Pakistan army. Hazara Shia massacre never ending.

    “….India is involved in terrorism in… Kashmir and in FATA….”
    - Some Vital Statistics and Facts on the Pakistani Terrorist Machinery Aimed at Kashmir
    Number of Terrorist Camps in Pakistan: 37, In Azad Kashmir: 49
    Harkat-ul-Mujaheedin : Headquarters: Muzaffarabad
    Lashkar-e-Toiba: Headquarters: Muridke
    Hizbul Mujahideen

    “……..India is involved in unrest in Karachi……..”
    - SC announces verdict on Karachi violence case
    ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry announced the Karachi sou moto violence case verdict, Geo News reported.
    Justice Chaudhry said target killings and extortion had become the norm in Karachi and violence was casting a negative impact on economic activity. CJP said that during the hearing of the case the court was informed that MQM, ANP, JI, PPP, ST and banned organisations are involved in extortion.

    5 July 2011 (BBC) Karachi: Report says 1,100 killed in first half of 2011
    More than 1,100 people have been shot dead in political violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi since the start of the year, campaigners say….. Much of the violence is associated with battles between rival criminal gangs. But the chairman of the human rights commission also alleged that many of these armed gangs have the support of the city’s main political parties……

    “….India…is stopping the waters of Pakistan….”
    - If India stops the water, how come Punjab/Sindh flooded?

    “…..Time to time India tries to extend friendship hand towards Pakistan……”
    - Need of the hour is Pakistan (Punjabis) have to extend the hand of friendship towards Balochis, Sindhis and stop misguiding Pashtuns to fight.

    “….If she(India) is so peace loving then why don’t she hold an independent plebiscite in Kashmir?
    - Why not stop killing of Balochis and go for plebiscite in Balochistan? Why we afraid to show Indians that Pakistan is united? Try Sindh next!

  3. India and Pakistan are still prisoners of their past. We need to draw a line under the partition episode and bury the hatchet over Kashmir. Only then can the two countries move forward.

    The youth of both countries are today less emotionally involved in the past but it would be fair to say that atleast a generation or two more is needed before both can accept one another.

    In the meantime as Pakistan’s inept rulers let the economy slide and india’s economy moves ahead the reality of economics will decide who has a dominat position. Sad but true today Pakistan is seen as the perpetual begger seeking aid and India is seen as the new frontier for investment. It is time that we the pakistani’s start fixing our economy only then can we claim respect and be treated seriously in the region.

  4. Hi Sher Ali,
    When Memogate surfaces and your Sovereignty is being violated by Americans at Abbotobad or Salona checkpost or by drones , you are putting this diversion so that people’s attention is diverted to the eternal foe of Pakistan Has India violated your border? Has Indian terrorists have ever crossed Pakistani border as in Indian parliament attack or Mumbai attack and kill Pakistanies?

  5. captainjohann , this is what you guys are good at. Baghar Mien churee, mun mien ram ram

  6. “……Our problems arise form corrupt leaders and instability….”.
    - 70% of national income siphoned-off by establishment unaccounted. Means mother of corruption is establishment. Yes, we have to sort out this, so implement the memo(gate) !.
    - Instability acknowledgement finally. Having instability, but craving for enmity and war mongering with neighbors is STUPIDITY. Yes we have to sort out this else we are Somalia soon !.

  7. Pajamay - Be Happy — All News are NOT bad for YOU. (the JOINT Venture of Veena Malik & ISI from the Eyes of an INDIAN journalist) —

    Make a BET within next few DAYS — She will be BRUTALLY killed by Islamic Militants or by any Intelligence Agency (it is subject to If she Visits to PAKISTAN — as all the LIMITS have been CROSSED By her — What Common Sense Prevail?

  8. Sher Ali, excellent article.

    Thank God for another patriotic Pakistani! Thank God not everyone is a spineless wuss watching ruddy Indian films and shi_te Star Channel Indian ‘dramas,’ and dying to give a giant fellatio to BhaRat.

    No we don’t want any ties with malignant India including ‘Aman’ (peace) nonsense…(don’t care to know what ‘Asha’ is…but obviously from Hinduism..what a tacky term from so-called ‘composite culture’.)

    America and India are two sides of the same coin. The one we knew to be an enemy always (India), and the other we mistook for a friend and it has proven to be an enemy almost equal to India. Pakistan must shun both and have diplomatic relations with neither.

    And since it’s America who’s trying to foster fake ‘good relations’ with India which benefit India entirely and do zilch for Pakistan, our country must not touch India with a ten foot barge pole.

    And “Captain John claims that India didn’t attack Pakistan during this time with the NATO act of aggression?! Hell yes they did!

    Straight after their white master attacked in the west, Indian soldiers trained at VHP temple cadet colleges (thank you Moin Ansari the real one!), no doubt to please their Gora Saab (who still colonises their minds’ and whom they still ape), opened fire on Pakistani posts in the Krisna Ghati Sector. Fire was robustly returned by Pakistani troops.

    So at any given opportunity, the Indian hyena be it its army, political leaders or populace will try to take advantage and attack when they think they mushriq brothers are doing the same on the western side. This is how India and Indians always think regarding Pakistan. It’s in their DNA.

    Scrap that MFN, that Asha doo-doo, that train rubbish, scrap visas to Indians, send their ambassador back and have an electrified fence across the entire border except with Indian-OCCUPIED Muslim Kashmir.

    No good ever came out of Pakistan’s alliance with America and no good will ever come out of Pakistan ever trying to have ANY relations, let alone ‘close’ relations with India. What does the Quran say about taking Muslimeen taking “awliya” (intimates or patrons) from those outside the Deen! Please look it up. This is why Pakistan has been stung time and again over the last 64 years (and all Muslim countries generally)…

  9. Pakistani girl we know that you are TBP

  10. @Nadim Ahmed

    No, I am not True Blue Pakistani. You must need your head read. I am as I have stated, a Pakistani girl.

    Yes, please admin do check to prove to Mr Ahmed.

    Do you find it so hard to believe that a Pakistani girl would have these views? Well plenty of us Pakistani girls do have these views. Not all of us love India and their films and want this aman rubbish

  11. Good rather Excellent - Pakistani Girl.

  12. A bunch of rubbish thinking and gibberish speaking people from Pakistan!
    Your leaders need to get your education system fixed, else your country will be history over the next 25 years.

  13. JAK and thank you for your kind comments Mansoori Sb.

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