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1st International Urdu Bloggers Conference, Lahore

By Rai Azlan • Jan 29th, 2013 • Category: Misc • No Responses

It is perhaps one of the impossible things that in today’s world when you have a massive online presence, you never heard the word “blog”. Blog is a tool that started its journey as record keeping method of daily logs on the web.

Now it has become a powerful tool for communicating our views, and ideas with the world. In 2007 when emergency was imposed in Pakistan by then dictator, Pervaiz Musharraf it gave a lot of popularity to blogs in Pakistan. When mainstream media was tied in chains this new form of media kept us aware of the happenings around especially updates of “lawyers’ movement”.

Many famous bloggers of today from Pakistan reached the point of fame during that time, it is just one example of blogging as an effective tool. There are so many examples within our country and countless examples at international front to assert blog and blogging a potent medium.

The history and life journey of Urdu blogging in Pakistan is nearly as old as English blogging. Where English bloggers get chance to have their voice in major media outlets Urdu bloggers do not get lucky enough. The reason for that is not the quality of content but it is unavailability of promotional platforms. However, whenever there was a platform accessible Urdu bloggers proved that they are not far behind example of “Dufferistan” winning best humor blog award at Pakistan Blog Awards 211 by beating English counterpart says a lot. Bloggers like, Abu Shamil,  Jaffar Hussain, Ali Hassan, Ifttikhar Ajmal Bhopali, and M Bilal M have contributions to blogging like any other blogger have in English from Pakistan. However, still they cannot claim so much fame.

In order to address and resolve such issues a two days International Urdu bloggers’ conference held this past weekend at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This was organised by a Canadian Pakistani journalist Mohsin Abbass who is president of Asian Canadian Journalists Association, and Urdu Blog Forum assisted him in organizing the event. Since it was announced, it created buzz both in good and bad ways among the small yet vibrant Urdu bloggers community. There were some reservations, accusations of foreign funding and many other things. It was normal because we are always obsessed with conspiracy theories as a nation.

Finally, event took place this past weekend when Urdu bloggers from different parts of the country got together and those who could not make it watched it on live streaming. On day one, all the bloggers introduced themselves, shared their experiences, and described the problems they think Urdu blogging is facing. Famous Urdu poet Farhat Abbass Shah spoke at the opening session and portrayed the importance of Urdu as a language and as a mean of nationwide commutation.

The second day of the conference was spent to address the issues that blogging and particularly Urdu blogging is facing in Pakistan. During the discussion and brain storming sessions bloggers shared ideas that how their good work can be promoted so that the due credit and appreciation can be paid. Moreover, how more people can be attracted towards Urdu blogging by making it simpler and less complex.

The organizer Mr. Mohsin said, “the conference was organized to promote Urdu blogging as an equally beneficent and effective medium as English blogging is.  Thorough out the world, nations are trying to find local solutions to their problems and local solutions can be coined better in local language”. At the end of the conference award were distribution among the bloggers who contributed in the development and promotion of Urdu Blogging.

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