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18th Amendment in Pakistan’s Constitution

By Sameer Shaharyar • May 19th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 16 Comments

Zardari House in Islamabad is buzzing and humming with legalese and is crowded with the spiders of legal fraternity in order to take a lead on PML-N in their stance over judiciary to not only score political points but also to gain irreversible advantage in regard of judges and president of Pakistan.

In that regard, it is expected that a comprehensive, ultra-dynamic and very influential 18th Amendment is on the cards, which would turn the constitutional wheel on its head, and it would create huge ripples with mighty force.

Before this 18th amendment, some drastic changes would also be made. These changes would include removing attorney general Malik Quyyum and also shuffling many in the establishment.

Where 17th amendment gave numerous key powers in the hands of President Pervez Musharraf courtesy of the then MMA, this new 18th Amendment would empower the Prime Minister again. The key point is whether President Musharraf would react or not. Does Musharraf know about it?

As the co-chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari has said time and again that he doesn’t want confrontation with the President House, so how come they prick Musharraf with this amendment? Have they also found a midway in that? The rumor is that a deal has been struck according to which Musharraf will remain on top, and he will keep 58 (2)B in a mild form changed by the 18th Amendment, and thats it. PPP won’t then impeach Musharraf and would live with him in peace.

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16 Responses »

  1. “PPP won’t then impeach Musharraf and would live with him in peace.” - Congratulations!

    Great news - Good for the country and the people at large, except some with their own not so noble agenda.

  2. Peace with him means suicide attacks going on in Paksitan, is it good for Pakistan? What is good for Pakistan is to show and keep self-respect in every matter, and sacrifice every thing what may come in this way.

    International relation with respect and autonomy is the requirement of time, stop begging

  3. The rumor is that a deal has been struck according to which Musharraf will remain on top, and he will keep 58 (2)B in a mild form changed by the 18th Amendment, and thats it. PPP won’t then impeach Musharraf and would live with him in peace………………………….was 58(2b)it promulgated my mush ?

  4. No, Mr. Massod, suicide attacks are not good for Pakistan, you are right. But do you think we should let ourslves be taken hostage by these few crazy haters of life and all that life stands for? What about the other possibility if another group decides to threaten us by its idiotic approach to solution of a political issue? If you are so certain, which you almost sound, about the suicide attacks and murderers in this way, then perhaps you should volunteer little more concrete information to the authorities so that their wish for suicide can be fulfilled without jeopardizing other lives and properties. I am sure that we all will be more than willing to help them achieve their dreem about taking their lives - if that’s the only goal they have. Identify them and their “puppeteers”.

  5. Aftab S. Alam

    who made them crazy hater? We with the help of USA. We used them against USSR in the exploiting them in the name of religion and now we tag them as terrorists.

    US policy is to use a person and then destroy them as the utility is over. Just think of Zia-ul-Haq, do we want to be their tools now and in future? if yes then things will not improve.

  6. Mr. Masood, what we did is nothing unusual. It is just a myth for ordinary people’s consumption, we participated in that campaign because we suspected (and it’s common anticipation at that time) that the USSR was on its way to our warm waters down at the coasts of Balochistan to counter / check mate the West. In the process rollover us. We had to get involved for our own interest. What the US does or does not do is also not unusual; this’s what politics all about. There are no permanent firneds and no permanent adversaries either. My point is simple at the present time it is in our interest to stay put with our current policy; consolidate ourselves. In this unipolar world of today, we happend to be on the side of the only power there is. This is in our interest.

    And coming to who made them “crazy haters”. Lets say we did. So, does it mean we should be scared of their madness? No, they must be made to understand and respect our will the will of Pakistani nation. You say we used them, fine we did and we will use them anytime it is in our national interest. Period.

  7. Aftab S. Alam

    When we used them then we should be ready to face the rebound when we call them terrorist, We are a tool of the master and they were our tool on the dictation of the master. We have to come out of this scenario as early as possible. Every one rides on when someone is bent. our position is like it.

    Time is requiring to close our borders, sending back Afghan Refugees, and get ourself apart from so called war on terror and ask US of A to fight it herself.

  8. Of course, we should be ready to face the reaction; we should crush them as ruthlessly as they wish to hurt us. Imagine us 165 million Pakistanis chasing these agents of evils. But, we can do it only when we are one nation, one Pakistani people. Always remember the lesson of that story that your parents used to tell you when you were small the one about the farmer and his son, can you recal the lesson - UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

  9. Since 1973, the constitution saw seventeen amendments, If a person undergo for 17 surgeories what would be his situation, that is with our constitutin. Now still deal in going on with PPPP for new amendment in the constitution.

    For God sake stop amending the constitution, restore the constitution of 1973 in original form, which represents the will of majority of the nation. May Allah progress Pakitan by leap and bound

  10. Constitution should be taken as the only bondage among different communities of the country. We have to make sure that our constitution gets a clear shape. If we are to work under a parliamentary system of government / state then we have to ensure that the office of president ( which is indirectly elected ) should not be strong enough that can buldoze a directly elected legilature. If we are to work under a presidential form of government then we have to gove the president executive powers . but it is hard to digest a president with supremacy over the executive , in a parliamentary form of government. Ok you will say that we are not mature in democracy , but until we repeal seventeenth ammendment, it is difficult to attain the maturity. Ironically we have a president who claims to be champion of democracy but prefers to be leader of a opolitical party which values hereditary power.
    Unfortunately opposition parties also lack in the values of democracy. Despite all we need a weak president because he is to perform as head of state and not head of government.

  11. After long and hard struggle by the lawyers of Pakistan, the judiciary is now working quite independantly and it is first time in the history of Pakistan that the judiciary is deciding matters pending in courts without taking pressures by the executive. The 18th ammendment has recomended a judicial forum for the appointment of judges in the constitutional courts and in this commission, the representatives of the executives have been included and powers are also given to parlimentary committee which is direct interference in the sphere of independance of judiciary. the appointment of judges must not be political and nor these appointments should be under the control of the executives as it would undermine and rather would be the greatest obstacle and hinderance in the way of independance of judiciary. the parliment, the executive and the judiciary are three pillers of the state and these pillers must work within their own sphers and any over-lapping between these three would disturb the balance of tricotomy of powers neccessary for peace and harmoney among the people of pakistan.

  12. But after this 18th Amendment, so many issues has been raised…..
    Like changing the name of N.W.F.P to Khaiber Pakhtonistan, now the Bahawalpurian’s also demanded for province Saraikistan and people of Hazarah also become so harsh as they have fear of loosing their rights because of it.
    I don’t think so this issue should be raised because we all are Muslims first then Pakistani’s so why we dont we want to be called and known as Muslims community ??? Why sindhi, Punjabi e.t.c
    And this 18th Amendment gave chance to the politicians to speak up and they have started collecting VOTES respectively…..
    So on behalf of Student’s and youth i want to assure you all that We don’t have any issue on changing name of provinces, we don’t care about it because we want to be known as Muslims or Pakistani’s and we have to work for the progress of Pakistan inorder to make its root strong and we pray for the properous Pakistan.
    And i want to assure you all that We ( students, youth) are not with them at all….. and we dont want our identity as punjabi, sindhi, balouchi or pakhtoons…..

  13. all are fraud. . . but i think pppp is doing lesser evil and i would love to support lesser evil. . .
    the difference between Peoples Party and Muslim League is that . . . . as we know that Bhutto was also the part of ayub’s Government but he didn’t make Muslim league when he got power he just make A POLITICAL PARTY of common peoples, and sured peoples that he will work for them and he worked till his Assassination . .. . that’s why Peoples Party have a different root. . .

  14. I cannot wait to learn more of this great topic. So much of the usb ports Ive never even contemplated. You sure did put the latest twist on something that Ive heard a lot about. I dont believe Ive actually read any situation that does this subject nearly as good justice as you basically did.

  15. We are law students and enjoying even our exams, in Pakistan Faisalabad, interesting is that we are taking our exams 125 KM distance evey year with paper difference of two to three days….

  16. We are working against the poverty with a due respect.

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