18th Amendment in Pakistan’s Constitution

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Zardari House in Islamabad is buzzing and humming with legalese and is crowded with the spiders of legal fraternity in order to take a lead on PML-N in their stance over judiciary to not only score political points but also to gain irreversible advantage in regard of judges and president of Pakistan.

In that regard, it is expected that a comprehensive, ultra-dynamic and very influential 18th Amendment is on the cards, which would turn the constitutional wheel on its head, and it would create huge ripples with mighty force.

Before this 18th amendment, some drastic changes would also be made. These changes would include removing attorney general Malik Quyyum and also shuffling many in the establishment.

Where 17th amendment gave numerous key powers in the hands of President Pervez Musharraf courtesy of the then MMA, this new 18th Amendment would empower the Prime Minister again. The key point is whether President Musharraf would react or not. Does Musharraf know about it?

As the co-chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari has said time and again that he doesn’t want confrontation with the President House, so how come they prick Musharraf with this amendment? Have they also found a midway in that? The rumor is that a deal has been struck according to which Musharraf will remain on top, and he will keep 58 (2)B in a mild form changed by the 18th Amendment, and thats it. PPP won’t then impeach Musharraf and would live with him in peace.

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