16 Dec. 1971: Dredging Debt

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A warning …to the people…a…reminder to the good and evil…this is debt..to the solider ..the civilian  ..the martyr…and  the victim..this is debt…a warning to the prophet..the liar and the honest, this is debt, to the leader to the pariah to the victor ..to messiah ..this is debt..For few there are few dates, there are few debts, there are few chaps which are just too much to overlook, for few, few events are so unforgettable that they can’t be undone from commemoration, they can’t be revoked, they just can’t  be removed from the ashes of memories, their fire is just too hot to handle and its flame creates  a blinding flashing white light which lit up the skies of memoir at an auspicious night, one thinks that it has been covered under circadian mist but when moment arrives, agony associated with these debts reforms and rises up all over again, reminds one of all its goods and bads and worse and best connected with it, repetition and occurrence of these cyclic urges is independent from time and space it’s like sway of what has been done is beyond boundaries of time, it’s even beyond the boundaries of generations, one faced it and the next feels it but not everyone, just few among few, and that too each time, every time.

I can understand if few readers nagging that it’s not worth reexamining details of a what has been done, but trust me it is, as long as we extract the lesson taught in that which unfortunately is not visible, so someone has to retell it each time when it passes by, well if not to others then at least to himself. I had the chance to read witness to surrender by brg siddique salik though I did had the an overview of the context regarding what Pakistan army elite was doing in terms of coupling up with challenges threw up to them from eastern boarders and twisting stances of awami league leadership and the blazing bollocks of a false prophet ZA Bhutto but book gave a detail insight of the whole story from an eye witness, it was really pain full to finish that book, it really was, imagining Gen “tiger” niyazi  wearing a muffler in neck all dressed up forthcoming to the gates to “welcome” the approaching “guests” and later entertaining them with his dirty jokes, Brig Salik portrays Gen Niyazi’s character in whole fiasco as an over rated military commander sent in to fill the boots of a giant, Gen Niyaza expected the “defense of east Pakistan from west” philosophy to work in his favor based on his this calculation that he would hold in eastern command while western wing will provide the power punch, he anticipated himself to be glorified for what apparently was an impossible task i.e. defending the east Pakistan terrain with hand full of soldiers against Indian army and rebels of mukti bahni, overwhelming air superiority of IAF with a squadron of vintage F-86 trying to take off from a bombed airfield, low supplies, hostile local population and tons of political unwillingness to resolve the issues from both the majority parties from either wing of the country, Bhutto in his hunger for power was busy engendering impression of pro-army and anti-mujeeb factor in west, his coalition with yaha khan was named and propagate as larkana plan by mujeeb the bangla bandhu, Yahya had his own “free will” to remain in office as president of Pakistan at any cost mujeeb won’t let that happen so bhutto was his natural choice, bangla bhundu on the other hand has assurance from various international forces about “expected” support and being let down by establishment earlier he was not in a mood to trust them again, according to him only chance he could ever get to be a prime minister of any country would require some surgery in an existing one so he decided to count on reassurances provided by embassies and secret envoys.

But all of it was an aftermath of earlier deliberate mistakes made by awe-inspiring military establishment of United Pakistan, the parity rule, the one unit, prolonged stint of dictatorial rule of Ayub khan provided the basic ingredients to elements of separatist mind set, the level of suppression on east Pakistan’s socio-economic dynamics was much too abusing, dominance of Punjabi personal in civil and military bureaucracy created hate in people of east Pakistan against common Punjabi who too to an extent was suffering from similar negative impact of the “golden industrial era” of Ayub’s regime along with it totalitarianism based objective of extension of colonial trend of governance by the regime by blocking the information flow, suppressing civil rights substantiated to be venomous to the integrity of the country which came into being from Bengal region of the subcontinent,  though other ethnic
minorities were also writhed by it but Bengalis felt the pinch of it more than anyone, so rightfully they were more angrier than anyone, hate was cashed in by the political forces and international players, role of India is shamelessly cruel well can’t complained them as they are now our “most favorite nation” or can we? Most sad part of it was the humanitarian, atrocities committed by all the belligerents were dismaying, in mess of bloody mayhem everyone washed their hands with blood of innocent, the Bengalis, non Bengalis, unarmed civilians which got killed by Pakistan army in floury of operation search light conducted on the dark night of March 1971 sealed the fate of  united Pakistan, provided more gas to the propaganda machinery of pro separatist movement, mukti bahani’s inhuman acts of butchery against biharis and non Bengalis are often over looked in the context of the matter, most human right activists purposely do not discuss this dark episode of history which is unfortunate, it was a political issue which was created due to intolerance and military rule which tried to look for military solution of a political problem led us to the catastrophic even of our national history, follow up was even bigger tragedy, suggestions of hamud-ur-rehman commission were neglected and are still waiting to be implemented, we have to learn from our mistakes and tru not to repeat them in future or even in ourpresent where for almost 10 years operations in various sections of the country are being conducted, Baluchistan, FATA, Waziristan are bleeding, military operation was never an answer than nor it is now, if we don’t learn from our history we are bound to make the same again history ain’t a straight line it’s a confined complex circle which is inclined to repeat itself, debts of this date will continue to haunt us they can’t be undone but if we learn the lesson these debts are trying to communicate, it will be better for us to thrive as a nation and if we don’t than its A warning …to the people…a…reminder to the good and evil…this is debt..to the solider ..the civilian  ..the martyr…and  the victim..this is debt…a warning to the prophet..the liar and the honest, this is debt, to the leader to the pariah to the victor ..to messiah ..this is debt.

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