PPP: Bursting at Seams

PPP: Bursting at Seams

We are witnessing unfolding of closure of an era in Pakistani politics in front of our eyes. Diehard Jiyalas of PPP are heart-wrenched watching demise of party of martyrs. Benazir Bhutto and Zulfikar Bhutto must be turning violently in their graves. Being a veteran PPP jiyala whose father got tortured during the General Zia’s Martial […]

Lets Welcome Musharraf New Party

Why not? Imran Khan has failed to defeat Nawaz Sharif…

Video: Hamid Mir Polishing Boots of Imran Khan

Hamid Mir did the pre-poll rigging in favor of Imran…

Unnatural Marriage is Sin

Same or unnatural Marriage is a Sin. But why this…

Style and Life

Centaurus Islamabad Girls and Pindi Boys

Centaurus Islamabad Girls and Pindi Boys

Centaurus Mall dating with Islamabad girls will be expensive from now on boys. Yes you cannot take your girlfriend from Pindi, Wah , Murree or Attock for a free ride to the plush and ritzy shopping mall to impress her. You would have to pay Rs. 100 to just get in. Yes and that’s valid […]

PHF sent handicapped outfit to Hockey World League: Hanif Khan

Karachi: Furious over Pakistan’s dismal show in the Hockey World…

Jobs in Signal-free Corridor of Islamabad Expressway

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has announced the construction…

Hamza Ali Abbasi scandal of Hum Jins Parasti

LoveWins for Hamza Ali Abbasi, who has initiated a new…

Worth A Second Look

Ishratul Ebad Has Spilled Beans on MQM

Ishratul Ebad Has Spilled Beans on MQM

Things are tough for the MQM in Karachi and in London for sure for quite sometime. Intensity of crisis is only increasing with new spices thrown into the mix with each passing week from various angles. From Imran Farooq assassination to money laundering and from training of workers in India to getting funds from RAW. […]

Faryal Talpur Runs Away

The Big Boss has bolted. No nonsense approach of military…

Democracy : new opiate of the masses in Pakistan

Marx, calling religion the “opiate of the masses” continued to…

Chitrol of Police by Police – Video

Uptill now we are accustomed of watching police doing chitrol…