Hostile Agency and Pakistan

Hostile Agency and Pakistan

Hit them when they are down and keep hitting them. That is the mantra RAW of India is using against Pakistan practically for the last few years. They saw Pakistan entangled in the bloody mess of Taliban terrorists, Baloch separatists and Karachi mafia; and they jumped in with unlimited funds and training to support these […]

Thanks Zimbabwe for Coming

Very refreshing to see that Zimbabwean Cricket Board has shown…


“The truth is that killing innocent people is always wrong…

Pakistanis Have Weakest Handshake in World

Swedes have the strongest handshake whereas Pakistanis have weakest handshake…

Style and Life

Women Empowerment – A Magic Multiplier

Women Empowerment – A Magic Multiplier

Is gender equality, parallel to Women Empowerment? During the dark ages, women were nothing but a morsel. They were dwindling between rights and freedom. Whenever, an air of revolution blows, all walks of life effect respectively. Empowerment can be defined as to provide an opportunity and possibility for the realization of potential according to one’s […]

Black Thread for Eye Infection

I woke up with an itchy, red and sore eye…

Naat Khawan TV Jobs and Training

Naat Khawan or Sana’a-Khua’an are an integral part of South…

DYS15 in KPK

IT students, IT experts, IT professionals, and IT delegates along…

Worth A Second Look

Qadri Contacts Imran Again for 2015 Protests

Qadri Contacts Imran Again for 2015 Protests

As 17th June draws near, PAT is again planning a showdown in Lahore. This time they don’t want to come down to Islamabad but want to remain focus in Lahore teasing Shahbaz Sharif as much as possible. They cannot even try to topple the PML-N government in Islamabad or Lahore at this point  because establishment […]

Ayyan Zardari Scandal

Zulfikar Mirza has again hit the ball out of the…

Of Walls and Curtains

Some ‘walls’ and ‘curtains’ have great religious, historical and political…

PTI and Jamat Islami Going Apart

Marriage of convenience between PTI and JI seems to not…