Raheel is Savior

Raheel is Savior

Mood across the country is euphoric as the sun of hope rises in Pakistan. General Raheel Sharif has at last lost patience with the corrupt, lazy, inefficient, and incompetent PML-N government. He also has seemed to realize that other politicians including Imran Khan are of no use because they all composed of same material. If […]

Shaukat Khanum Funds Must Be Investigated

Imran Khan Foundation (IKF) is replete with mismanagement, corruption, and…

Will Nawaz Sharif Return?

Yes he will and he will in few hours. I…

Jemima Told Imran She Didn’t Like Protest Outside Her Home

Imran Khan tasted his own medicine at the most unlikely…

Style and Life

If You Take Care of Others

If You Take Care of Others

Aminah was taught about this lesson just from childhood, sharing every thing with each other in their limited means. They were six siblings’ three brothers and three sisters. She was the fourth in the row. The father used to work as a construction worker from morning till evening, while the mother used to work in […]

What’s Wrong With Taher Shah?

Ali Azmat admits that he trained Taher Shah, but he…

Shahid Afridi Adamant to Not to Retire

Contrary to what self-respect would have dictated, Shahid Khan Afridi…

Cricket, Cricket Board & Cricket Team – Bye Bye

At first there is one question, Do we really need…

Worth A Second Look

A Muslim By Choice

A Muslim By Choice

“I think, therefore I am.” But I have not created myself. I did not wish to be born; I may not wish to die either. I do not have any control over myself. I am constrained to believe that I am being totally managed by ‘Someone’. I am, therefore, a theist. An atheist would argue […]

Sarfraz is Bad Choice for Captain

Will Afridi listen to his new captain Sarfraz as a…

Occasions of Happiness Must Be Celebrated with Fervor

Pak Ambassador to Saudi Arabia H.E Manzoor Ul Haq said…

PCB on Long Vacation

No astonishing result from Pakistan Cricket Team in t20 World…