Army Public School Carnage Remembered on its 2nd Anniversary

Army Public School Carnage Remembered on its 2nd Anniversary

Members of Central Executive Committee (aka: CEC) and Adhoc Committee of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Riyadh Region gathered for an emergency meeting to remember the fallen innocent young students of Army Public School in Peshawar on the second anniversary of the bloody carnage on the fateful day of 16 December 2014. The gathering also recalled […]

Ladies Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Founding of Ladies Chapter in PWC

Every organization is built by the capability of its people to…

New Master is Qamar Javed Bajwa

Well, if anything is certain in Pakistan then it’s the…

Chairman NHA Shahid Ashraf Tarar Is Above Law

Motorway police fined Chairman NHA Shahid Ashraf Tarar twice within…

Style and Life

The Vision under the Supervision

The Vision under the Supervision

Al Qur’an Al Sharif is not an ordinary religious book, it’s the only authentic Divine Book, it’s Al Kitab, it’s the Ommul-Kitab. It is Allah’s Almighty Final Testament, has been bestowed upon His final Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) for the genuine guidance of the entire human race pertaining to this life as well as hereafter. It’s […]

Black and White is Colorful

To be honest it’s been three years now that I…

Fighting Energy Crunch in Pakistan

Power is the biggest support of our economy but now…

Tribute Paid to Late Jehangir Badr

PPP workers from Riyadh region hosted a condolence sitting to…

Worth A Second Look

The Higher Level of Existence

The Higher Level of Existence

When someone aspires for the true love of Allah, the love of the material luxury just evaporates from his mind. In that case the eminence, opulence, in fact, everything becomes secondary for him. Protocol and the small issues do not bother him. What matters is serving humanity and the wish to please Allah. The great […]

Discovering Ourselves

Eminent personality Dr Ahmad Rafique Akhtar has asserted that success…

Bail in Anti-corruption Cases in Pakistan


Making Life Easy in Pakistan

On many occasions we think whether we would fail or…