Meeting Pakistan’s Budget Deficit

Meeting Pakistan’s Budget Deficit

The real issue of Pakistan is not the lack of resources but of their mismanagement and misplaced priorities. The sky high election campaign sloganeering, budget figures, ground realities and effusive claims of the politicians have no symmetry. Masses always stick to many hopes but they all despair when the budget is announced. It is always […]

Show Down NA246

Exit polls in NA246 show that MQM is leading the…

Importance of family relatives in today’s world

The family, which is the basic unit of civilization, is…

Of Walls and Curtains

Some ‘walls’ and ‘curtains’ have great religious, historical and political…

Style and Life

Poet Allama Iqbal’s 77th Death Anniversary Observed in Riyadh

Poet Allama Iqbal’s 77th Death Anniversary Observed in Riyadh

In a solemn ceremony the 77th death anniversary of poet-philosopher-thinker Allama Mohammad Iqbal was observed in Riyadh. This literary sitting was organized by Halqa Fikr-o-Fun – a literary platform in Riyadh and Dr. Riaz Chaudhry – a noted personality of Riyadh – was the host of the event. Noted writer and poet and author of […]

You know what i see in you

You know what I see in you? I see all…

A recipe for good life

Sorting out the things can be a better strategy for…

Dowry: A reimbursement between bride and groom parents

A Hadith about Dowry: “The most beneficial wedding (NIKKAH) is…

Worth A Second Look

PTI and Jamat Islami Going Apart

PTI and Jamat Islami Going Apart

Marriage of convenience between PTI and JI seems to not only have gone estranged, but cracks are widening quickly now as realpolitik sets in. After Peshawar cantonment local bodies election; PTI and Jamat have exchanged not-so-pleasant words in Karachi too. Both never liked each other. Establishment brought the two together to bring change in the […]

Tahir Plaza Tragedy

Thankfully, at last they took notice of Tahir Plaza Tragedy…

Worried Pakistani Expats in UAE and KSA

More than 4 million Pakistani expats work in United Arab…

Shujaat Azeem Daughter and ARY

Mubasher Lucman has no ethics and has no shame really.…