Why Ch Nisar Fights With Everyone?

Why Ch Nisar Fights With Everyone?

Nisar never forgets and never forgives. If you have stepped without his will or even has hinted at something with which he doesn’t agree, you should then watch your back as he will get back to you for that with vengeance. From his constituency of Wah, Taxila, and Chakri you can ask anybody and they […]

Ch Nisar Vs Reham Malik

Interior ministry in Pakistan is not a piece of cake…

Pakistan Less Corruption Country Now : Says TI

Corruption is a global issue and it will never go…

General Raheel Sharif’s ‘No’ to Extension

By insisting to retire on the date it is due,…

Style and Life

PSL Starts with a Bang

PSL Starts with a Bang

It was spectacular and very graceful. From the inaugural ceremony to the conclusion of first match, the PSL made a superb start, while promising a very entertaining next 2 weeks packed with quality cricket and lots of fun all around. A pang of pain hurt a little while thinking that this is Pakistan’s super league […]

Zika Virus in Pakistan – What to Know About

World these days in the grip of Zika Virus fear.…

Privatize PIA Now

PIA employees simply don’t want to work. They have been…

Difference Between PSL and MCL

By funding extremism in Pakistan, UAE is basking in Cricket…

Worth A Second Look

OLX Jobs in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

OLX Jobs in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

Change is always difficult and when it comes to the job, it’s probably the most stressing issue at hand these days as the competition gets stiff and fierce and very challenging. For many taking the plunge and changing your career requires a huge leap of faith as industry collapses, work dissatisfaction and redundancies push employees […]

Naeem Bokhari Left Khabarnaak

Naeem Bokhari left Khabarnaak and there is talk of its…

2016 Girls Mobile Numbers Craze in Pakistan

I thought that with the passage of time, things will…

Key to Peace & Progress is Co-Existence and Tolerance – Pak Envoy

Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Excellency Manzoor Ul Haq said…